'Targeting children is not a pleasant thing,' says headmaster after nationwide school bomb threats

 Landkey Primary School in Barnstaple was among the schools targeted

Landkey Primary School in Barnstaple

Monday, March 19, 2018

After a number of schools across England received hoax bomb threat emails on Monday, the headmaster of a North Devon school told talkRADIO’s Alex Dibble that they weren’t fooled.

“It [the email] came into our school admin address,” said Kate Fairbrother, head of Landkey Primary School in Barnstaple. We actually thought it was a hoax, it didn’t look very bona fide. But you have to follow up your concern, and follow up with the police.”

Humberside police said that more than 400 schools and colleges across the country, including 19 in its region, had received emails “claiming a device has been planted and demanding cash.”

Fairbrother added that the children in her care weren’t upset. “The children were fine because we played it down and told them we were just practicing evacuating the building.

“The police did a search of the school and deemed it safe. We were quickly reassured. We are very well trained in evacuation procedure. You don’t have a chance to think about it, you just follow the procedure, instinct kicks in.”

Investigations are ongoing into the incident, which it is believed may have come from the US. “Whoever has been doing it, you realise there are some not particularly nice people in the world,” said Fairbrother. “Targeting children is not a pleasant thing to do, even if it is a hoax. I hope they are reprimanded in some sort of way.”