Taxi driver fakes kidnapping to get away from wife and go clubbing

Uber driver fakes kidnapping to get away from wife

A taxi driver claimed he'd been kidnapped (Stock image)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A taxi driver in Chile faked his own kidnapping in order to get away from his wife and go clubbing, it has emerged.

His wife reported him as missing to the police, after she received messages on WhatsApp about the supposed kidnapping, according to Publimetro

Audio had been sent to the woman which appeared to suggest her husband, a driver for Uber, was being tortured.

Police then intercepted communications from the man's phone, identifying his location.

It was then discovered that he'd been to the home of his best friends during the supposed 'kidnap period', as well as head out clubbing.

When the driver was found he admitted to the lies.

However, he then asked police not to take him back home as he didn't want to face his wife. The police's response to this rather unusual request isn't clear.