Taxpayers’ Alliance backs Boris Johnson tax plan

Boris Johnson's tax plan raises the 40 per cent tax threshold to £80,000

Monday, June 10, 2019

The Taxpayers’ Alliance has thrown its support behind Boris Johnson’s pledge to cut income tax for high earners, should he become Prime Minister.

The lobby group’s campaigns manager Chloe Westley told talkRADIO that his plan to raise the 40 per cent tax threshold to £80,000 could result in more revenue for the government.

“The government isn’t giving anything away, they’re taking less money away from people who’ve earned it themselves,” she told talkRADIO host Jon Nicolson.

“You will find that when you cut these taxes for higher earners often actually the government gets more revenue in.”

She added: “In the United States when they cut income tax like this, their revenue intake for that year actually went up because the economy was growing, more hires were happening.”

Ms Westley said Mr Johnson’s plan is about “encouraging and rewarding success” in the country.

“If you’re considering working harder to get a promotion, or starting that small business, but you see that the tax takes for earning more is so high that you won’t see much of a difference at all, what’s the point in trying harder?”

She added: “I think most people understand that if you don’t have an incentive for success then people won’t want to go out on their own and do the things that actually make the economy grow.”

The tax proposal has been slammed by rival leadership hopeful Dominic Raab, who said the move was "protecting privilege".

At his campaign launch he said: "Can you imagine going to the Commons with a tax cut that will be characterised as protecting privilege?”

Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell said the proposed tax cut showed "how out of touch the Tories are".

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