Taylor review: 'Theresa May will implement recommendations if public want good-quality work for all', says author

Taylor review: 'Theresa May will implement recommendations if public want good quality work for all', says author

Matthew Taylor said Theresa May has to make her own decisions

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The author of the Government review into the so-called 'gig economy' has said that as long as the public want good quality work for everybody, he's confident the Government will implement his recommendations.

A Government review into new forms of work, such as those provided by delivery and transport apps, has been conducted by Matthew Taylor and has been published today (July 11).

The document recommends that workers in firms such as Deliveroo be given the status of 'dependent contractors' and this should carry benefits.

Taylor told Sam Delaney that the main point to take from the review is "we should aim for all work in the British economy to be fair and to be decent."

Sam also asked how he would ensure the Government would implement his recommendations. Taylor admitted that he can't, but said: "If you look at the history of reviews, I sometimes say there’s a graveyard somewhere in Westminster, it’s the graveyard of buried reviews and there’s not even a headstone to say they are there." 

As he didn't want his review to end up there, he explained: "I’ve spent the last 9 months talking to people, campaigning.

"Theresa May has got to make her own decisions", he said, but suggested she will listen to the public.

He explained that the review includes "proposals to try and improve clarity" on employment as well as making it "much easier for people who say they would like an independent representative" to be consulted when the company does anything which will affect workers.

He agrees with those who say that, if a company is setting wages and controlling the way someone who is self-employed works, then they should get holiday pay and sick pay "because you don’t really have the freedoms, for example, a freelancer might have."

Taylor believes we need to "move toward an economy where we are as proud of the quality of our work as the quantity we generate."

The author added: "I think most people would say, as long as I know [workers are being treated fairly], people would pay a little bit extra" for services.

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