Teacher suspended for 'firing water gun at Donald Trump image whilst shouting die'

Teacher suspended for 'firing water gun at a Donald Trump image, whilst shouting die'

A teacher fired a water gun at an image of Donald Trump

Friday, January 27, 2017

A teacher has been suspended after firing a water gun at an image of Donald Trump whilst shouting "die."

Payal Modi, who was a teacher at W.H. Adamson High School in Dallas, filmed the act in a classroom and posted it on Instagram.

The video was then shared on other social media sites, however the teacher has now deleted the video from Instagram and set her account to private. 

In her original post, the caption included hashtags such as no, stop, denial, squirtgun, hypocrisy and powerless.

Modi has now been placed on administrative leave following the incident, Daily Sabah said. 

It is not clear whether pupils were present at the time, but laughter can be heard in the background of the video. 

The Dallas Independent School District gave a statement: "Today, we were made aware of a social media posting being circulated involving a teacher at W. H. Adamson High School.

"The teacher has been placed on administrative leave and the district has opened an investigation."