Teaching with body cameras will ruin the relationship with pupils, says head teacher

'Teaching with body cameras will ruin the relationship between teachers and pupils', says head teacher

Teachers are to wear body cameras

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Teachers wearing body cameras will ruin the relationship between teachers and pupils and they need to be on the same side, says a leading head teacher. 

Body cameras are to be worn by teachers in an attempt to stop pupils disrupting classes in a pilot scheme involving two secondary schools.

Chief executive at schools network Partnership Learning Roger Leighton told Sam Delaney: “This is a crazy idea, I couldn’t believe it when I heard it this morning, absolute madness.

“It completely changes the relationship between teachers and children. It could backfire badly with parents saying 'I want copies of the footage, my child told me something happened this morning and I want to see what happened'.

“You’ve got to build a relationship with the pupils, create an atmosphere where you’re working on this together. That is the skill and the trick of good teaching, to get the kids on your side."

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