Ted Heath investigation: 'We should be spending this money on paedophiles who are still alive'

Ted Heath: 'Investigation may make it look like police are more interested in publicity than cause'

Ted Heath has been accused of child sex abuse

Friday, October 6, 2017

The Ted Heath investigation could it appear like the police are more interested in publicity than getting to the cause, according to a barrister.

Police have said that child sex abuse allegations against the former Prime Minister would have resulted in questioning had he been alive now. Some have called for a judicial inquiry into the way police handled allegations.

Barrister Jason Hadden MBE told Julia Hartley-Brewer police have taken too long with this and "sometimes you do think the police are looking for more publicity than actually getting to the cause.

"There’s a general concern that a lot of people have is the amount of money that will be spent further investigating it, particularly as someone mentioned to me just the other day there’s enough paedophiles out there who are alive."

Julia argued "if we don’t tackle the historical issues and learn those lessons we won’t necessarily be able to help more victims in the future."

However Hadden claimed "there is proper training now from the lessons that we have learned" to help victims.

He believes "the investment needs to be going to the police and social services so they have the proper the correct training to identify these perpetrators to save more victims."

He added "I’m not entirely sure what [a judicial inquiry of the investigation is] going to get for anybody."

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