Teenager stabbed to death in Hayes was 'running for his life'

Teenager was stabbed in Hayes

An eye-witness has described the events leading up to the death of a teenager in West London

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A teenager who died after being stabbed to death in West London was "running for his life" and covered in blood, according to an eye-witness.

The victim, 18, was stabbed several times on a residential street in Hayes on Monday. He died despite the efforts of emergency services at the scene.

The unnamed witness told the Press Association that the area was completely empty at the time of the incident, and that the attack carried on until the other man allegedly walked off with the knife still in his hands.

"I thought it was just kids playing round. I wish I could have helped, I wish I could have done something," the witness said.

"The white boy was running for his life, a young white teenager, he was stabbed multiple times.

"The boy had his shirt off and he was covered in blood.

"Then the boy kept on stabbing him and stabbing him and I walked to my wall and screamed "stop it, leave him" and then I saw his hands going up and down and I was yelling 'stop it' while I was on the phone to 999."