Teenagers jailed for 'brutal' torture of schoolboy

The trio tortured a schoolboy for six hours

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Three teenagers who held a boy captive for six hours after he knocked over a drink have been jailed.

The trio subjected the 15-year-old to a brutal ordeal which involved burning his genitals with a lighter.

He was also slashed with a knife and had lit cigarettes stubbed out on his face.

The schoolboy was battered with a curtain pole, ordered to lick up the spilled drink from the floor, and when he refused had hot noodles poured over his head.

The court heard the boy suffered serious injuries including cuts and a badly broken nose during the ordeal in September last year.

19-year-old Kyle Ashton led the attack at his flat in Birmingham after getting angry that the boy had spilled a drink on the floor.

18-year-old Christopher Pyatt-Pierce joined in the onslaught and punched the teen several times.

His twin sister Lucy Pyatt-Pierce was accused of goading the boys to lash out, and filmed the assault on her mobile phone.

The boy was stripped of his clothes and eventually freed after 5am the next morning.

He was found by a member of the public wandering the streets wearing just a t-shirt.

Ashton was jailed for eight years for wounding with intent to cause harm and false imprisonment.

Lucy Pyatt-Pierce was sentenced to four years in prison on the same charges.

Her brother Christopher was handed a two year sentence having been found guilty on the lesser charge of wounding plus false imprisonment.

Detective Constable Sarah Proctor said it was a “brutal, degrading attack” on a child.

“What followed was a prolonged and terrifying ordeal for this young man in which he feared for his own life,” she said.

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