Temperatures hit record 45.8C in France


A new record temperature has been set in France

Friday, June 28, 2019

France has had its hottest day on record, amid a Europe-wide heatwave.

The southern town of Gallargues-le-Montueux reported temperatures of 45.8C today.

Previously, the hottest-ever day in the country was 44.1C, recorded back in 2003.

Eagle-eyed meteorologist Ruben Hallali noticed that a weather map predicting this week's temperatures in France resembled Edvard Munch painting The Scream.

He tweeted that he had "never seen" a map like it in his 15 years in meteorology.

Around 4,000 schools in the country were closed today, and health minister Agnès Buzyn said everyone was "at risk" in the heat.

A red alert has been issued in four areas by France's weather service, with most of the country remaining on orange alert.

The hot weather has already claimed several lives across Europe, including that of a 17-year old farm worker in Spain, who died after complaining of feeling faint whilst harvesting wheat.

And a 93-year-old man, also from Spain, is thought to have died from heatstroke.

In the UK, police have warned of attempting to cool down in rivers and lakes after a 12-year-old girl drowned in Greater Manchester.

The Met Office has predicted highs of 33C to 34C in eastern parts of the UK this weekend.

Currently, the highest temperature on record for June is 35.6C, recorded in London on June 29, 1957, and again in Southampton on June 28, 1976.

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