Terminally ill Noel Conway to learn verdict on assisted dying fight

Noel Conway to learn ruling of legal challenge against law on assisted dying

Noel Conway will hear how the judges rule today (Credit: Twitter @ShropsHumanists)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A terminally ill man will today receive the result of his legal fight for the right to die.

Noel Conway had been diagnosed with incurable motor neurone disease. He brought a challenge to the High Court to get a judicial review against the laws on assisted dying. 

The retired lecturer, who has been given just a year to live by doctors, wants to die in the UK, where he's lived his entire life, in a manner of his choosing. 

The law currently prevents him from doing this, as there is a nationwide prohibition on assisting someone to die in the UK.

His legal counsel - Richard Gordon QC - told the High Court last week: "The choices facing him... are stark.

"He has to choose either to bring about his own death now whilst he is physically able to do so but before he is ready; or a death with no control over when and how it comes."

Conway is arguing this horrific choice violates his basic human rights.