Terror report author claims jihad has spread to every corner of Britain - and all sections of society

'All areas of the UK are affected by terrorism, we need to work on community integration', says Henry Jackson Society

Hannah Stuart says those returning from conflict zones need to be monitored (Stock image)

Monday, March 6, 2017

The author of a new report on UK terrorism has told talkRADIO that jihad has spread to all parts of the country, and it's impossible to create a typical profile of a terrorist.

The report, by The Henry Jackson Society, claims the number of Islam-inspired terror offences almost doubled between 2011 to 2015. Over 70 percent of the offences were carried out by UK nationals or people with dual British nationality.

Hannah Stuart, who commissioned the study, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that "policy and policing should be evidence-based" which is why this study was conducted. 

Stuart said that there’s no single part of the UK "that hasn’t been affected" by terrorism. Although there's a correlation between jihadi hotspots and "government data on depravation,"  there "isn’t really a typical profile" for a jihadist.

In fact, she said, terrorism can infect a wide variety of people - in fact about a quarter of those identified in the report had attended university, and several had obtained PHDs.

The researcher thinks we need to target resources on “preventative work" but also think about "integration and community cohesion issues." She added: “People returning from conflict zones do need to be monitored carefully because they are where the threat is."

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