Terrorism: 'If they don't like living here, they should go somewhere else', says Katie Perrior

Terrorism: 'If they don't like living here they should go somewhere else instead of harming us', says Katie Perrior

Katie Perrier says communities need to speak out against those who may be plotting attacks

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Katie Perrior has spoken out about integration in society, and what must be done to stop jihadis planning terror attacks in the UK.

She claims these people "hate everything we stand for, they hate our country, and yet they take our money."

However she would say to them "if you don’t like it, go and live somewhere else. You’re not bothering me one way or another, just get your family and go somewhere else.

"If you don’t like what you’re doing here don’t then live here, live by our rules, our customs, our values, our cultures and take our money and then try and do harm to us."

Katie believes "unless you can turn people and actually make them turn their back on this kind of behaviour within their own communities they’re just going to carry on hiding it.

"They have to move forward and go 'you know what, that’s not right for us anymore. This is a country we want to live in, this is a country we want our children to do really well in and therefore these people are ruining it for us and we have no choice but to turn on them and tell the police what is going on'."

But the problem is "they don’t trust the police or authorities or councils. They don’t trust them so they won’t tell us what’s going on, they put a cover for these people and then they can carry on doing all this bad stuff."

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