Terrorism: Muslim community leader reveals he was once part of embarrassing security breach

Terrorism: 'Many outside London don't mix with communities and gather toxic views from others'

Several terror attacks have taken place this year

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A leading pillar of Britain's Muslim community has said he was once party to a hugely embarrassing security failure - shedding light on the glitches still prevalent in Britain's immigration and counter-extremism operations.

Mohammed Khaliel also talked to Sam Delaney about the need for unity against terror, while suggesting that people outside London are often allowed to develop toxic views through a lack of integration.

Khaliel, who himself campaigns for greater community integration as head of the Islamix thinktank, told Sam that he was once allowed to enter Britain using his wife's passport rather than his own.

He explained that he and his wife had accidentally swapped passports on the way to border control but, while his wife was blocked from entering, he was able to pass.

"I’d managed to get into the country with her passport, looking at this camera which took a biometric picture of my face," he said.

"No matter how tight you make the system we’ve got to make sure it’s accurate."

Turning to the wider causes of terrorism, Khaliel said: "If there’s one message I can re-iterate from the beginning to the end... that is that united communities defeat terrorism.

"When you start going outside of London to other parts of the country, things are not working as well as they are in London.

"People haven't had exposure to other communities - all they see is the television and they go into the pub and have a drink and they get views on other communities by those means and those views are toxic in many instances."

On the plus side, Khaliel said, a lot of terror plots "are actually foiled by work from the Muslim community and "we all get on very well in the main."

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