Terrorist who wanted to ‘murder a Muslim’ jailed

Vincent Fuller has been jailed for 18 years

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A man inspired by the Christchurch mosque attacks has been jailed for more than 18 years for stabbing a teenager in a bid to “murder a Muslim”.

Vincent Fuller attacked 19-year-old Dimitar Mihaylov with a 12-inch kitchen knife the day after the New Zealand shootings which left 51 people dead.

Before the attack Fuller was heard shouting: “All Muslims should die. White supremacists rule. I'm going to murder a Muslim.”

On Facebook he said he agreed with the New Zealand killer and wanted to “kill all the non-English”.

The 50-year-old pleaded guilty to attempted murder but said he had no links to a terrorist cause and his violent actions were due to family problems.

However Judge Peter Lodder QC ruled it was a terrorist act motivated by white supremacy and anti-Muslim sentiments.

“In a violent rage you roamed the streets of Stanwell, initially with a baseball bat, then with a knife, looking for a target,” he said.

“When you found Dimitar Mihaylov, twice you shouted, 'you're going to die', and at least twice you plunged a large kitchen knife towards his neck. It was only by chance he was not killed.”

Before the attack on Mr Mihaylov, Fuller used a Chelsea-branded baseball bat to bang on the door of his neighbour, who is of Indian heritage.

Video footage showed Fuller swinging the weapon and shouting: “Come out you black c***.”

Counter-terrorism spokeswoman Detective Chief Superintendent Kath Barnes said: “Fuller is clearly an incredibly angry and dangerous individual, who went out of his way looking for someone of non-white appearance to attack.”

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