Texting friends in the same room? It might be time to go offline for a while…

Do you need a digital detox? A senior analyst at Ofcom explains how we use our devices

Nearly 60% of users admit to being hooked on their digital device

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The author of an Ofcom report revealing that millions of people are taking a 'digital detox' as they feel they spend too much time online, has told talkRADIO that sometimes technology can be "too much of a good thing". 

The study, released today, shows that 34% of web users have taken up to a month away from the internet, whilst 59% said they were hooked on their digital devices. 

The average adult spends 25 hours online a week, and 25% say they have taken half a day to a full day away from their devices. Two in 10 had done stretched their sceen break to a week.

It is often younger users who are pigeonholed as the heaviest users of digital media, and 25% of teens admitted to being late for school because of time spent on electronic devices, while a whopping 60% said they had neglected school work for the same reason. 

The study, which formed part of Ofcom's annual communications market report, included 2,025 adults and 500 teenagers.

Cape, a senior analyst at Ofcom, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that, it is important to go offline and live in the real world from time to time. 

“The internet is broadening our horizons and giving us the opportunity to keep up to date," he said.

“[Sometimes] people are communicating with each other through instant messaging while they’re sat in the same room. 

"Parents are setting rules for their children around their use of laptops, smartphones and tablets, kids are being 'digitally grounded'.

“There is too much of a good thing sometimes, but people are realising this for themselves and they're getting a bit of breathing space from the web."

Listen to the full interview to find out more about the digital detox