There's no appetite to reverse Brexit, says Iain Duncan Smith

Theresa May's 'war cabinet' meets today

Theresa May's 'war cabinet' are meeting today to thrash out the Government's strategy ahead of fresh negotiations with Jean-Claude Juncker (pictured right) and other senior EU figures

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith has said there's "no appetite" among the British people to reverse the result of the Brexit referendum.

Theresa May's 'war cabinet' meets at Chequers today to thrash out the Government's negotiating strategy for Brexit, amid talk that the transition period may take longer than previously expected.

Some have suggested this means Brexit will be delayed or even stopped altogether, but Duncan Smith, an ardent Leaver, played down this speculation on Julia Hartley-Brewer's show this morning.

"The British public had a vote [and] there's no appetite to reverse that," he told Julia.

"People don't like it, but it's democracy. We are going to leave."

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