Theresa May and Tories branded 'sick and twisted' as NHS shambles and Angela Rayner gaffe overshadow PMQs

Theresa May made a misguided attempt to mock Angela Rayner

Angela Rayner was at the centre of today's proceedings - despite not even being present

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Today's edition of Prime Minister's Questions brought fresh opprobrium crashing down on the Tories, with viewers hammering Theresa May's party over the NHS.

May was moved to apologise to those whose operations have been delayed, but that was not enough to placate the critics, with one respondent calling the Tories "sick and twisted" on Twitter for their perceived mismanagement of the health service.

Today's exchange in Parliament also brought personal embarrassment for the Prime Minister, who jokingly asked why shadow education secretary Angela Rayner was absent.

May was swiftly informed that the Mancunian MP was missing for medical reasons, something which had apparently passed her advisors by. Although May swiftly apologised for the gaffe, it only added grist to the mill for the critics.

Jeremy Corbyn's performance also prompted criticism, while some suggested Labour's own past mistakes meant they had no room to mock the Tories on issues such as the NHS.

However, once again May and her party were the centre of attention on another bad day at the office for the Government.