Theresa May: 'Antisemitism will be Corbyn's legacy'

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have clashed over their anti-racism records during a heated House of Commons debate.

The Prime Minister demanded an apology from the Labour leader over his handling of antisemitism allegations, after 67 Labour peers took out a newspaper advert today claiming the the party welcomed everyone "except Jews".

Holding up the advertisement, printed in the Guardian, Mrs May said: "Before the Rt Hon Gentleman stands up and parades himself as the champion of climate change or champion of the people or defender of equality and fairness, he needs to apologise for his failure to deal with racism in the Labour Party.

"This is your legacy Mr Corbyn. You stil haven't opened your eyes, you still haven't told the whole truth, you haven't accepted your responsibility. You have failed the test of leadership. Apologise now."

Hitting back at the Prime Minister, the opposition leader encouraged her to reflect on "Islamophobia within her own party".

"And coming from a Prime Minister who encouraged the hostile environment, sent 'go home' vans around London and deported Britiish citizens which she has now had to compensate them for," he added.

This morning Lord Robert Winston, a signatory of the newspaper advert, told talkRADIO Mr Corbyn should resign to prove that he is not antisemitic.

But in the Commons debate, Mr Corbyn vehemently denied being racist.

"This party totally opposes racism in any form whatsoever," he said. 

"Antisemitism has no place in our society, no place in any of our parties and no place in any of our dialogue. Neither does any other form of racism."

On Monday, both Tory leadership contenders, Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson, allegd that the Labour leader was personally antisemitic.

In response to the claims, the Labour Party accused the pair of launching a "baseless political attack” on Mr Corbyn.

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