Theresa May to become backbench MP

Mrs May will stay on as MP for Maidenhead 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Prime Minister has announced she will stay on as MP for Maidenhead after she hands control of the country to her successor.

The revelation came as she responded to a question from Labour 's Barry Sheerman during Prime Minister's Questions, on whether she would stay on the backbenches and give her successors “a bit of the medicine they've given her”.

She said: “I will indeed be staying in the chamber of the House of Commons because I will continue as the Member of Parliament for my constituency.

“I gave my word to my party as to what I would do and I stand by that word.”

The Prime Minister used what will be one of her final PMQs to get a dig in at those who voted against her Brexit deal.

She responded to a question from SNP MP Ian Blackford about whether she would “vote to stop any no deal madness” by criticising Mr Blackford’s voting record.

“He talks about the need to use this time wisely. Well he could have been using the time wisely had he voted for the deal we negotiated with the European Union,” she said.

“We would have left the European Union and we’d be out with an orderly exit.”

She held a similar line with Jeremy Corbyn, whose party has tabled a cross-party motion to block a no-deal Brexit.

“Had the Right Honourable Gentleman really believed that we should be leaving the European Union and doing it with a deal then he would have voted for the deal,” she said.

“We could have left the European Union and actually we could be on to that brighter future already.”

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