Theresa May: 'Brexit isn't about me, it's about you'

Theresa May: 'Brexit isn't about me, it's about you'

Monday, October 22, 2018

Theresa May has said that Brexit is not about her, but about the British people.

Writing in the Sun, the Prime Minister said that she was often asked how she was, and was aware of the speculation around how Brexit negotiations might destabilise her leadership.

But she claimed not to think about herself, and said the “difficult days” in Brussels were worth it to deliver what the people want.

“‘How are YOU doing Prime Minister?’ one journalist asked me recently. I didn’t reply at the time but I’m going to give Sun readers the answer now – and it’s very simple.

“None of this is about me. It’s all about you,” she wrote.

Later in the piece, she added: "The Brexit talks are not about me or my personal fortunes".

Mrs May said she did not think about the “implications” for herself when she faced “tough choices”, and instead thought about the impact on the country.

“Am I bringing back control of your money, your borders and your laws?

“Am I protecting your jobs and making sure nothing gets in the way of our brilliant entrepreneurs and small businesses?

“Am I protecting the integrity of the United Kingdom?

“And, above all, am I delivering the Brexit that the people of this country so clearly voted for?

“I need to be able to answer “Yes” to every one of these questions,” she said.


Irish border

Mrs May also admitted to feeling “frustrated” by the “endless back and forth on technical points” and said she anticipated negotiations getting harder as the Irish backstop issue was thrashed out.

She has been unequivocal that whatever Brexit deal the UK achieves with the EU, a hard border must not be created between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

So far, a solution has not been reached.