Theresa May Brexit speech: Critics tear into Prime Minister again over 'completely impractical' Florence address

'Electrifying like a low energy light bulb' - Many left disappointed after Theresa May's Brexit speech

Theresa May gave a speech on Brexit today (September 22)

Friday, September 22, 2017

Critics have once again reacted with brutal scorn to Theresa May's Brexit speech in Florence, with some describing it as an utter waste of time.

Speaking in Italy today (September 22) the Prime Minister said that she wants an "implementation period" of two years after Brexit, with a permanent trade deal to follow.

May also called on European leaders to agree on a "bold and ambitious" trade deal and claimed that the UK would honour its European Union budget commitments.

However, despite reports that the UK would be prepared to pay the EU up to €20 million (£17.6 billion), the Prime Minister didn't reveal a severance figure.

The speech was billed as being the most important of May's leadership, but many Twitter users branded the event pathetic and impractical, with some claiming she may as well have said nothing.

Others have likened the speech to asking for an extension on an essay deadline or turning on a low-energy light bulb.

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