Theresa May Brexit speech: 'If Boris Johnson was true to his word he should quit', says journalist after Florence address

Brexit speech: 'If Boris Johnson was true to his word he should have resigned'

Boris Johnson campaigned strongly to leave the EU

Friday, September 22, 2017

Theresa May's Brexit speech is a major snub to Boris Johnson and if the Foreign Secretary was true to his word, he'd resign.

That's according to journalist Adam Bienkov, who spoke to talkRADIO in the aftermath of May's speech - which has been greeted with approval by Johnson.

May's speech propounded the idea of a two-year transitional period after Brexit, during which Britain would retain access to the single market, while promising that the UK will honour its commitments to the EU budget.

Bienkov, the UK political editor of Business Insider, told Yasmeen Khan: "Boris Johnson has reacted - he’s welcomed it.

"You look at what Theresa May has set out today, continued payment into the EU, continued free movement. These are all things that Boris Johnson sort of campaigned against.

"If he’s true to his word he really should be following through on that to resign today...[this shows] he wasn’t ever really serious about this threat in the first place."

However Bienkov said May's budgetary commitment could prove constructive, as it "certainly gets rid of one of the hurdles preventing Brexit communications from carrying on."

Bienkov believes some of the Prime Minister's language in the speech was "woolly" because she was trying to address “the concerns on the European partners" as well as her own domestic audience.

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