Theresa May Brexit speech: Remainer Owen Smith says UK could get a good deal - but it's unlikely

'The government is likely to get a bad Brexit deal', says MP Owen Smith

Owen Smith believes the government will probably get a bad Brexit deal

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Government is likely to get a bad Brexit deal, leaving Britain as a low-wage and low-tax offshore region of Europe, says Labour MP Owen Smith

Yesterday Theresa May gave a speech on her Brexit plan, stating she wants to leave the single market and give MPs and peers a vote on the final Brexit deal. 

Smith, who challenged Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership last year, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that it would make sense to give the public another vote when Brexit negotiations have taken place to be "absolutely ultra democratic."

Although Theresa May's speech was clear, Smith said, "we now need to see in lack and white what the bill is going to look like." After this we have to "scrutinise further what the government are proposing."

Smith did say there was a small chance we could get a good deal from Brussels - which raised a chuckle from Julia - but said it's far more likely we emerge worse-off.

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