Theresa May: Brexit vote was a 'great exercise in democracy'

Theresa May

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Prime Minister has defended the decision to hold an EU referendum, calling it a "great exercise in democracy".

During a meeting at the House of Commons, former Green party leader Caroline Lucas, asked Theresa May whether she would consider a second vote on Brexit, or if she believed "democracy had ended" on the day of the Brexit vote.

Ms May said that her claim in "relation to democracy" was "absolutely ridiculous".



"We saw numbers of people voting that we had not seen before. It was a great exercise in democracy in this country, and I believe that that gave this Parliament an instruction - that we should ensure that we leave the EU as the people voted," she said.

"This Parliament gave people the right to choose whether to remain in the European Union or to leave the European Union. People exercised that vote."

Ms May, who backed the Remain campaign during the referendum, appeared in the House of Commons ahead of her meeting in Brussels this afternoon to discuss her divisive draft Brexit deal.

She confirmed to Ministers that the UK would leave the EU on March 29, adding that she wanted to maintain a "close security and defence partnership" with the EU post-Brexit.

"While we're leaving the EU we're not leaving Europe," she said.