Theresa May early election: Bullish Jeremy Corbyn pledges to fight on the NHS, not Brexit

Theresa May early election: Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn responds to Prime Minister's call

The Labour Leader released his statement on the election call via social media

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has bullishly responded to Theresa May's call for an early election to be held in June, saying he welcomes the chance to take on the Tories and push for power.

The Labour leader, despite a series of disastrous recent poll ratings, said he believes voters will respond to Labour's raft of policies on the economy and the NHS. 

However Mr Corbyn made no mention of Brexit - unlike his Lib Dem counterpart Tim Farron, who made it the centrepiece of his pre-election pitch.

The Labour Leader released his official statement via Twitter and Facebook. 

See the statement below: