'Theresa May has blood on her hands and should deal with violence or resign', says former police officer

'Theresa May has blood on her hands and should deal with violence or resign', says former police officer

Peter Kirkham has called for Theresa May to act or resign

Friday, April 6, 2018

Theresa May has the blood of young people on her hands and if she won't deal with violent crime she should resign, a former police officer has said.

Seven people have been killed in London since last Friday (March 30) and yesterday (April 5) six people were stabbed in the capital. The recent rise in violent crime has led London mayor Sadiq Khan to say he is "angered and heartbroken" and he is putting more pressure on the government to tackle the problem.

Peter Kirkham, a former Metropolitan Police detective chief inspector, told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "On News Year's Day this year, when we had that spate of four stabbings on New Year's Eve, I did an interview in the media and I said [May has] been told about this, the causes of this.

"One of the causes of this getting out of hand, the cuts to policing, she was warned there would be consequences. She's got the blood of these young people on her hands and she’s done nothing since then. That’s three months ago."

"If she cannot or will not deal with this problem, and I don’t know why she won’t, I think she just doesn’t care about the young people in the inner cities because they’re not affecting her world and the Establishment. If they were kids of the Establishment they would be jumping up and down throwing money at it.

"If she can’t or won’t do it she should resign and let someone takeover who damn well will."

He also commented on the London mayor: "With all his wonderful powers, Sadiq Khan isn’t responsible for anything outside London.

"So if this is happening everywhere there’s plainly an issue that is beyond Sadiq Khan. Now he maybe could do more, but he’s doing something. He maybe could do better, but he’s doing something."

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