Theresa May has made bad start to Brexit with Article 50 letter, says political editor

'The intelligence threat in the Article 50 letter has started talks off on unfortunate footing', says political editor

Ian Dunt believes Theresa May shouldn't have used an intelligence threat

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Theresa May's Article 50 letter has put us on unfortunate footing for the start of the Brexit talks, according to a leading political editor. 

Article 50 was triggered yesterday as Ms May sent a letter to Donald Tusk. In the letter, it says intelligence co-operation between Britain and the EU could decrease if the forthcoming Brexit negotiations don't go well.

Ian Dunt, editor of, told James Max that the tone of the letter is "more conciliatory and welcoming than the last nine months." However, he added, she should have used the intelligence threat "in the opposite way."

He believes some countries are "concerned about Trump's failure to commit to Nato and Russia," so Ms May should have said "we will bulk up our defence." What she has done, instead, has "put the talks on a very unfortunate footing."

Dunt added that the EU haven't been "particularly unreasonable so far," but we have made a mistake in agreeing to a two-year negotiation period, as we've now "got 10 years worth of work to do in two years."

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