Theresa May must tell Donald Trump we don't accept his misogyny, says leader of Saturday's protest march

'Theresa May must tell Donald Trump that we don't accept his misogyny', says the Women's Equality Party

A Women's March took place on Saturday

Monday, January 23, 2017

Theresa May must make clear to Donald Trump that we don't accept his misogyny, says the Women's Equality Party. 

Thousands of protestors took part in a Women’s March in London on Saturday, from the US embassy to Trafalgar Square. It was part of an international campaign on Donald Trump’s first day as President.

Leader of the party Sophie Walker told Yasmeen Khan: “It was absolutely a march against Trump’s politics, it was against the hatred and the division that he presents as a political approach.

“It’s really important [that] when Theresa May, if she’s representing the women in the UK, speaks to Donald Trump about a total unacceptance of misogyny and particularly his attempt, his very clear aims to roll back reproductive rights of women.

“I’m disappointed in all of the mainstream parties who did not formally endorse the march."

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