'Theresa May only looks right-wing because of Jeremy Corbyn' says Peter Hitchens

'Tories look right wing because Labour is moving to a traditional left-wing position' says journalist

Peter Hitchens spoke to Paul Ross about the upcoming election

Thursday, May 18, 2017

One of Britain's most recognisable newspaper columnists has said Theresa May only looks right-wing because of Jeremy Corbyn - and not because of anything she's done herself.

Peter Hitchens - who writes for The Mail on Sunday - made the comment to Paul Ross ahead of the Tories' official manifesto launch later today in West Yorkshire.

The document takes a hard line on immigration and promises increased fees for employers wishing to take staff from other EU countries.

But Hitchens told Paul people that the manifesto, and by the extension the party, will only appear right-wing because Jeremy Corbyn has moved Labour more leftwards

He also said he would have felt "obliged" to watch the TV debates if the Prime Minister and Labour leader had been taking part, but said people should be more worried about the loss of the daily press conference where political leaders would take questions from knowledgeable experts.