Theresa May: People are 'appalled' by Jeremy Corbyn's Labour

Theresa May: People are 'appalled' by Jeremy Corbyn's Labour

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Theresa May used her closing speech at the Conservative conference to attack Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party, saying people were “appalled” by the party under his leadership.

Addressing delegates on the final day of the conference on Wednesday, Mrs May mocked the “for the many, not the few” slogan synonymous with Labour.

“Millions of people who have never supported our party in the past are appalled by what Jeremy Corbyn has done to Labour,” she said

“They want to support a party that is decent, moderate and patriotic.  One that puts the national interest first. Delivers on the issues they care about.  And is comfortable with modern Britain in all its diversity.

“We must show everyone in this country that we are that party.”

The conference exposed divisions in the party, with some MPs, including David Davis and Boris Johnson, sticking to their stance that Chequers must be abandoned.

MP for Rochford and Southend East James Duddridge has submitted a letter of no confidence in Mrs May, while the Telegraph reports that several cabinet ministers want her to set a date to stand down as Prime Minister.

Nevertheless, Mrs May said the Conservative party was one “of unionism” in her speech.  

“A party that conserves the best of our inheritance but is not afraid of change.  A party of patriotism but not nationalism. A party that believes in business but is not afraid to hold businesses to account,” she said.

“A party that believes in the good that government can do but knows that government will never have all the answers.  A party that believes your success in life should not be defined by who you love, your faith, the colour of your skin, who your parents were, or where you were raised – but by your talent and hard work.

“Above all a party of Unionism, not just of four proud nations, but of all our people.

“A party not for the few, not even for the many, but for everyone who is willing to work hard and do their best.”