Theresa May refuses to set gender diversity timetable for Cabinet

Theresa May doesn't set target for increasing female Cabinet ministers

The Prime Minister didn't commit to a timetable on her visit to the Middle East

Friday, December 1, 2017

Theresa May has refused to set a target for when half of the ministers in her Cabinet will be women.

Currently only six of the Cabinet's 23 members are female, including May herself - meaning a ratio of just over 25%.

The Prime Minister is currently on a diplomatic visit to the Middle East, touring Jordan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. In the latter country, she reiterated support for the reforms outlined by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, including an increase in the number of women in work, to be introduced by 2030.

When she was asked about the number of women in the Cabinet herself, she said she was pleased with the women doing “a good job” in their positions.

However, she did not commit to a timetable.