'Theresa May is too weak to deal with blundering fool Boris Johnson', says Labour MP

'Theresa May is too weak to deal with blundering fool Boris Johnson', says Labour MP

Boris Johnson has been criticised for his approach to the Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe case

Monday, November 13, 2017

A Labour MP has ridiculed Boris Johnson over his handling of the Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe affair, adding that Theresa May is like a "hostage" in her attempts to deal with this "blundering fool."

Chris Bryant spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer as the controversy surrounding Zaghari-Ratcliffe drags on. The British-Iranian has been in jail in Iran since June 2016, having been found guilty of inciting sedition during a visit to the country three months earlier.

Johnson has been heavily criticised for suggesting Zaghari-Ratcliffe was not visiting family in Iran, as she has always claimed, but was instead training journalists - a claim which has been used by Iranian state media to justify fresh charges against her.

Bryant, a former foreign office minister, told Julia that Theresa May is like "the hostage here" because she's "so weak that she can’t deal with" the chaos in her government, and "Boris Johnson is trying to release her so that he can get her job."

He believes Johnson "should go to bed at night worrying about [the Zaghari-Ratcliffe] case" but instead "I think he’s got his eyes on whether he’s going to be Prime Minister or whether he’s going to be sacked.

"The rest of the world turn round to us and they say 'why on earth would you have this man as your foreign secretary.' I mean, diplomacy is meant to be the heart and soul of the job, not wandering around the world playing around with your hair and trying to look affectionately like a member of Hogwarts."

Bryant added that in this case "what our ministers have to do is keep their mouths shut" and when they speak "they’ve got to be absolutely certain that they’re singing from the same hymn sheet."

He doesn't believe Johnson "read the papers properly" before his comments on Zaghari-Ratcliffe and afterwards "he should have said 'look, I’m really sorry'" and confirmed that Zaghari-Ratcliffe visited Iran on holiday, as she has always claimed.

"Then Michael Gove, all he had to do yesterday morning was say 'yes I completely agree with Boris, the Government is absolutely clear that it only has one view which is that Nazanin was there on holiday.'"

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