Theresa May turned her farewell speech into ‘a bit of a whinge’

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Theresa May has left it far too late to complain about the lack of compromise in politics, according to her biographer Rosa Prince.

The author of Theresa May: The Enigmatic Prime Minister told talkRADIO’s Alastair Stewart the Prime Minister's final major speech yesterday “became a bit of a whinge”.

“I think there are schisms in our society now and she’s right to highlight these points, but there was not much self-criticism of whether she had any responsibility for that,” she said.

“This is the woman who kept presenting her deal to Parliament without any agreement to compromise or to look at other people’s plans.”

Mrs May said there had been a “coarsening” of debate which could be pushing Britain to a “much darker place”.

“An inability to combine principles with pragmatism and make a compromise when required seems to have driven our whole political discourse down the wrong path,” she said.

“It has led to what is, in effect, a form of absolutism. One which believes that if you simply assert your view loud enough and long enough you will get your way in the end.”

She said she had “no greater regret” than failing to deliver on the Brexit referendum.

Ms Prince said the outgoing Prime Minister missed an opportunity to reveal who she thought was to blame for this failure.

“She’s on her way out now, I thought that she could really stand there and be a bit clearer about who she blames and who were the villains,” she said.

“She didn’t name any names in her speech; if she wanted to talk about Boris Johnson she could have said his name. If she wanted to talk about Donald Trump why didn’t she name and shame?”

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