Theresa May urged to hold early election - before Labour replace Jeremy Corbyn with someone better

William Haque calls for Theresa May to hold early election, blasts Jeremy Corbyn

The former Foreign Secretary has laid out his case for a general election

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

William Hague has called for Theresa May to scrap the fixed-term parliamant and hold a general election. 

The former Foreign Secretary has written an opinion piece for The Daily Telegraph, arguing the case for an election would be strong if not for the Fixed Term Parliaments Act. It's this act which ensures a government is elected for five years, before a general election is held. 

The former MP for Richmond in Yorkshire said Mrs May will need a bigger majority in the House of Commons to implement the changes needed during Brexit, and now is the opportune time to gain more seats. 

This follows the Tory Party's historic win in the Copeland by-election, poaching a long-term Labour seat. 

In the piece, Hague called Jeremy Corbyn the "least credible leader ever", citing a YouGov poll showing his support falling.

But he reasoned a general election should be held now, before the Labour leader is replaced with someone who could potentially be a stronger challenger to the Prime Minister.