'Theresa May will be forced to visit Grenfell Tower again because her first visit was so bad', says former Labour advisor

'Theresa May will be forced to visit Grenfell Tower again and talk to residents as her first visit was dreadful', says former Labour advisor

Theresa May visited Grenfell Tower

Friday, June 16, 2017

Theresa May will be forced to visit Grenfell Tower again to meet residents because her presentation in her first visit was dreadful, says a former Labour advisor.

Members of the public were outraged that the Prime Minister visited Grenfell Tower but only talked to the emergency services instead of residents.

Kevin Meagher, now associate editor of the political blog Labour Uncut, told Jon Holmes that Theresa May "announced very quickly that there will be an inquiry, which is the right thing to do... what she’s got wrong, of course, is the emotional intelligence response.

"The public is hurting, the public is confused, the public is angry. I think political leaders... you’ve got to tap into some of this and you’ve got to be able to reflect it and find the words and positioning

"She’s getting the substance of it right but the presentation of it is dreadful."

He believes that, because of the negative publicity surrounding her first visit, "we’ll be seeing her forced down there today or tomorrow" to meet members of the public.

Meagher added that she probably did take advice on the matter from special advisors, but "a lot of special advisors are not actually very special and get things like this hideously wrong."

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