'Theresa May will deliver Brexit, but we can't trust the EU to be sensible,' says MP Peter Bone

'Theresa May will deliver Brexit, but we can't trust the EU to be sensible', says MP Peter Bone

Theresa May is to set out the UK's position next week

Friday, February 23, 2018

Theresa May is on course to deliver Brexit, but she faces the problem of the EU not co-operating and Tory MPs who won't accept the referendum result, a leading Brexiteer has claimed.

Yesterday (February 22) May held a meeting at Chequers with senior cabinet ministers to discuss the UK's approach to Brexit and will outline this in a speech next week.

Conservative MP Peter Bone told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "I think the Prime MInister’s absolutely on course to deliver what the public voted for – I think she’s been determined to do that from day one.

"She will deliver, but there are a couple of problems. We can’t force the European Union to be sensible and there’s no track record of the European Union bureaucrats being sensible about anything, so they could screw the whole process up and are quite likely to.

"There are a few Conservative MPs who just don’t seem to want to accept what the British people wanted and because of the Parliamentary arithmetic if Labour decide to play party politics they could block things as well, so she’s got some difficulties."

He added: "Mrs May may have problems, but [Jeremy Corbyn's] got a lot more problems with his party.

"I would encourage him to face down his Labour MPs who are completely still in favour of the European Union.

"He isn’t actually saying what he thinks because he doesn’t believe in the European Union and he’s on our side."

Bone thinks the meeting at Chequers was for "fine details" as "we know the basic thing that we’re going to end free movement, we’re not going to pay billions and millions of pounds indefinitely to the EU, we’re going to make our own laws."

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