Theresa May ‘will take no lectures’ from Corbyn who has seen '100 frontbench resignations'

Theresa May ‘will take no lectures’ from Corbyn who has seen '100 frontbench resignations'

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Prime Minister has said she will take “no lectures” from Jeremy Corbyn after he told her to “make way” for an alternative Brexit plan.

Speaking at the Prime Minister’s Questions, May said: “Let me say, I will take no lectures from the right honourable gentleman who has seen a hundred resignations from his frontbench.”

She added: “Labour want to cause chaos, overturn the will of the British people and that would be a betrayal of the many by the few.”

The Labour leader called for MPs to see the legal advice given to her on her draft EU withdrawal agreement.

May consulted her Attorney General Geoffrey Cox to analyse the implications of the draft deal she negotiated with the European Union.

The Government announced on Wednesday that they would not publish the legal advice but that Downing Street would publish a “position statement”.


'Warts and all'

 Corbyn told the House of Commons: “MPs need to see that advice, warts and all, so that they can make their informed decision. 

“The Prime Minister insists that her Government will be able to negotiate every aspects of the UK’s future trade relationship with Europe within the space of two years.

“We have had two and a half years since the referendum and so far 20 of her own ministers have resigned.

“This is the most shambolic government in living memory."

Corbyn also called for May to "make way" for an alternative plan on Brexit. 

“She is now asking Parliament to vote on the basis of a 26-page-wishlist without even seeing the full legal advice.

“It is now clear that Parliament will not back this plan so isn’t it time for her to accept that reality and make way for an alternative plan that can work for the whole country?”