Theresa May's fomer advisor says 'it's like the Tories have had a nervous breakdown'

'Theresa May should've sacked Boris Johnson and said she'd resign after Brexit', says former political advisor

Theresa May gave a speech at the Conservative party Conference

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Theresa May's own former advisor has told talkRADIO the Conservatives look like they've "had a nervous breakdown" under her leadership.

Joey Jones, a former media advisor to May whilst she was Home Secretary, also said May should have resigned long before yesterday's disastrous speech at the Tory Party Conference.

Jones told Sam Delaney that May "should have knocked it on the head after the general election," adding that she's only still in power because "the party hierarchy can't work out what on earth else they might do."

He added: "It’s a striking thing - in Manchester, it was like the party has had a nervous breakdown."

Now, he added, May's "confidence will be shot to pieces by what's happened over the past few days" and she faces a tough battle to overcome the increasingly confident Jeremy Corbyn.

Sam also spoke to Ayesha Hazarika, a former senior Labour advisor to Ed Miliband, who said that May should have "sacked Boris Johnson" and announced her intention to quit after Brexit.

According to Hazarika, May should have said "I’m going to see Brexit through for the good of the party for the good of the country. I’m then leaving, but while I’m still here I’m in charge."

She thinks "her speech was actually so abysmal that by the time you had the comedian, by the time the stage started falling apart, you were actually quite relieved" because "at least it’s not all her fault now."

But "when you're having a hard time as a leader and then all these catastrophic things keep happening it becomes a sort of symbol that you are doomed.

"When you’re a leader, and you’re meant to be a world leader, people feeling sorry for you is the worst."

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