Theresa May's former comms director says 'the Cabinet reshuffle was a car-crash and she bottled it'

Theresa May has received further negative publicity

Theresa May has received further negative publicity

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Theresa May's former communications director has said yesterday's Cabinet reshuffle was a "car-crash" and suggested the Prime Minister "bottled it."

Katie Perrior spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer as May's reshuffle continues to receive negative reaction, with her opponents saying that the exercise achieved little. The Tories also received derision after publishing a tweet congratulating Chris Grayling on becoming party chairman - then deleting it seconds later.

Perrior said the reshuffle "went wrong from start to finish," from the briefings over the weekend to the reports of a 'no-deal minister' and then yesterday's social media slip.

"I think she went to go further than she ended up doing yesterday, but she probably bottled it," Perrior added.

Having served May in the early months of May's premiership, Perrior resigned following the announcement of a snap election in April, while criticising some of her other advisors.

Perrior added that, while she maintains her strong resignations about those advisors, "they would never have let these car-crashes happen."

Over time, she added, May will "realise she should never have done [the reshuffle] at all" and the latest PR own-goal will only help Labour, who can "sit back and watch the Conservatives screw it up themselves."

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