Theresa May’s gift to Melania Trump ‘sexist’

Theresa May’s gift to Melania Trump branded ‘sexist’

The Women's Equality Party has called the Prime Minister's gift to Melania Trump 'sexist'

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Theresa May's gift to Melania Trump has been described as “lazy sexism” by a member of the Women’s Equality Party.

The Prime Minister gave the US president a historical artefact symbolising the Second World War alliance between the UK and US, while the First Lady was given a tea set designed by Emma Bridgewater

Women’s Equality Party spokeswoman Harini Iyengar described the gifts as "inappropriate".

She said: "Giving a businesswoman and entrepreneur who can speak four languages a tea set is lazy sexism.

“It is hard to imagine Bill Clinton being offered a tea set – or perhaps a nice pinny – if Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 election.”

The framed draft of the Atlantic Charter given to the US President

The US President's gift from Mrs May was a framed typescript draft of the Atlantic Charter agreed by their predecessors, President Franklin Roosevelt and Sir Winston Churchill, in 1941.

A spokesman for Theresa May said the Atlantic Charter was "one of the first steps towards the formation of the United Nations".

"It's a copy of Churchill's personal draft of August 12, 1941, with his amendments in red pencil," he said.

"There were no further amendments made and Churchill kept the draft on his wall as a reminder."

However, the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson also criticised the gifts. 

She said: “While we should be relieved at there being at least one civilised thing in the White House, it does seem patronising that President Trump, despite all evidence to the contrary, is treated like a student of history while his wife gets the kind of present people used to give schoolgirls.”

Asked why Mr Trump was being given a historically significant gift, while his wife was being given a tea set, the Prime Minister's spokesman said: "I think they are both gifts which have been carefully chosen."

The tea set was "a memento of a visit to Number 10 as part of what we hope will be a successful state visit".

The US President and Melania will visit Portsmouth on Wednesday to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

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