Theresa May's PMQs hammering on social care is just deserts for dishonest Government, says Andy Burnham

'Raising council tax to fund social care is an inadequate response, social care needs to be brought into the NHS', says MP Andy Burnham

Andy Burnham

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The brutal grilling suffered by Theresa May at Prime Minister's Questions this afternoon is no more than the Government deserves, says former Labour minister Andy Burnham.

May was hammered by Jeremy Corbyn on social care, in a performance which has brought widespread praise for the Labour leader.

This came after news that the Government plans to relax council tax restrictions, allowing local authorities to raise more money and assume greater responsibility for social care.

Speaking to Sam Delaney, Burnham said "it’s quite dishonest for the Government to say 'we’ve not fixed it, so over to you councils.' That’s the Government washing its hands of an issue it considers too difficult."

Burnham also said the proposed council tax changes constitute an "inadequate response" and suggested that social care should be brought into the NHS.

Defending Labour's record, Burnham said his party "didn’t cut social care… what [the Conservatives] have done since they came into Government is [introduce] real, brutal cuts."

Listen to the full interview to find out more and also hear Burnham's views on Brexit