These are the ‘house rules’ guests are still expected to follow

These are the ‘house rules’ guests are still expected to follow

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Not taking your shoes off on entry, asking for the wi-fi password, and using your mobile phone at the dinner table have emerged as house rules guests break most regularly, it has emerged.

Research also revealed polite guests should always use a coaster when setting their drink down and always put the toilet seat down.

The study of 2,000 adults also revealed while 71 per cent said there aren’t any particular rules they have which a guest must follow, those that do said it’s just a matter of “respect”.

It also emerged more than a quarter of British homeowners find it “impolite” when guests ask for the wi-fi password during a visit.

If homeowners are to give out their wi-fi password, they believe guests should wait for up to 30 minutes before asking, according to the research.

But 23 per cent said they go online because there’s something on the internet they want to share with their host.

Richard Sinclair MBE, executive director of connectivity at Virgin Media, said: “Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we always have the urge to stay online.

“When visiting friends and family, research has shown that asking for the wi-fi code is one of the first things people do.

“As is courtesy when visiting someone else’s home, you should be mindful and always respect their rules to avoid any awkward situations.”


Top house rules Britons have to follow

- Taking your shoes off on entry

- No shoes on the sofa

- Always flushing the toilet

- Not using a cup without a coaster

- No looking at devices at the table

- No swearing

- Keeping the toilet seat down

- Washing your hands before dinner

- Being banned from certain areas of the house

- No social media


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