Thief found by police after getting stuck in jewellery shop window

Thief found by police after he gets stuck in jewellery shop window

The man was found in a jewellery shop window (Stock image)

Monday, March 20, 2017

A thief was caught by police in France after getting stuck in a jewellery shop window in south-western France.

The man had made a hole in the window in order to escape from the scene, however found that his hips would not fit through the hole, according to The Local

Reports also claim that the man was drunk during the event.

Police shared a photo of the man on Twitter and a fire crew had to be called in order to release the man from his predicament.

Another photo was later shared by police on Facebook, with a more thorough explanation of the incident.

After visiting the robber's home, the amount of stolen goods led the police to believe the man had made several trips, as this was also their second call of the night to the store.