Thief spared jail after judge calls him 'a very enterprising man'

Thief spared jail after judge calls him 'a very enterprising man'

Andres Benachi worked for New Look (Stock image)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

A post room supervisor who stole clothes valued at a total of £240,000 has been spared jail after the judge said he was an enterprising man.

Andres Benachi was working at the head office of New Look when he arranged deliveries of clothing and accessories to his girlfriend Nathaly Zapata, as well as friends Angela Velez and Jose Munoz.

The clothes were supposed to be sent to charities but Benachi claimed in court that he thought they were to be thrown away and were of little value, according to Court News UK.

Some items were also sent to Spain, Colombia, Ecuador and Miami and others went to Brixton to two self-storage units.

The items were stolen between January 2014 and September 2015, but the crime was discovered when police raided the self-storage units.

The court heard that enough items were found in the storage unit to fill 24 pallets. As the self-storage units were rented to Benachi, police then visited his home and found more New Look stock.

When police spoke to Benachi he claimed the clothing was supposed to be sent to charity but he was allowed to keep some of it without paying.

The man denied stealing stock and the judge at Southwark Crown Court said because the items were to be "disposed of one way or another" they actually had very little value.

The judge handed him a six month suspended prison sentence and an order to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work. He said: "You are a very enterprising man.

"I think you fell into temptation and you put your entrepreneurial spirit to work on the temptation into which you fell."

Zapata, Velez and Munoz denied handling stolen goods and were all acquitted.