Thieves break into German army tank and steal cache of weapons

Thieves break into German army tank and steal several weapons

Thieves stole from a German army tank (Stock image)

Friday, May 12, 2017

Thieves have broken into an army tank and stolen a number of weapons from it, according to the German Defence Ministry.

The incident took place in a military training area near Munster, Lower Saxony in February this year, The Local reported.

The items that were stolen included rifles, a pistol, a flare gun and radio devices.

Prosecutors are investigating the situation. A spokesperson for the ministry also said the weapons were not loaded at the time of the theft.

The German army is already involved in a scandal after two soldiers were arrested on suspicion of plotting a terrorist act.

Suspect Lieutenant Franco Albrecht managed to gain asylum status despite being from Germany, but he claimed he was a fruit seller from Syria, investigators said.

It is believed that he stole ammunition from army stocks.