Think the Beast from the East and Snow Emma are bad? Things were even worse 110 years ago

In the past the UK has dealt with snow in some rather interesting ways, scroll through the gallery to see more
Thi woman tried travelling in a rather inventive way
It seems others tried to ski this way too
It appears it was slightly more difficult to ski alone
Here the woman has fallen over in the snow
Some still made a trip to The Mall

A sleigh seemed to be the preferred mode of transport in Buxton, Derbyshire

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The UK is facing snow across the country due to the Beast from the East and Storm Emma. But if you're shivering in the office and fretting about your journey home, think on: it was much worse 110 years ago.

Back in 1908 the UK faced a four-day blizzard whose ferocity the Beast look like a cuddly toy. Worse, it stuck in late-April, a time when Britons down the ages have started unpacking the deck chairs, mowing the lawns and thinking of the summer ahead.

Temperatures in the north dropped below -12 degrees celsius and in other locations it was around -10 degrees celsius, according to Weather Online.

Snow measured more than 60cm deep in Andover, Whitchurch and Kingsclere and in Oxford it was 42cm, a level which has never been repeated again.

However prior to this it had already snowed on April 19 and the start of the year was not dissimilar as photos show snow covering the UK in January. So it seems 1908 really was a winter (and late spring) wonderland - and we shouldn't grumble too much about the disruption we're facing today.

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