Third of road users feel road rage has worsened since EU referendum, study finds

A third of road users feel road rage has got worse since EU referendum, says Auto Trader

Boris Johnson drives a sports car during a visit to Ginetta Cars Ltd as he tours with Vote Leave during the EU referendum.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Over 30 per cent of road users who think road rage is a problem believe it has worsened since the 2016 EU referendum, an Auto Trader spokesman has revealed.

The statistics came to light in a survey conducted by the company, which also found that 18 per cent of road users had been threatened with physical violence on UK roads.

"Thirty-five per cent of road users who agree road rage is a problem say it has got worse since the EU referendum," spokesman Ben Derby told talkRADIO's Mike Graham.



“The divisive nature of the vote maybe and I think it is because it is something in the papers and fills conversations every single day at the moment.

“It is not something that is going away and it is on everybody’s minds.”

He added that the physical altercations were “absolute red mist”.

“It is the absolute extreme of what you would expect from road rage - absolute red mist and uncontrollable temper,” he said.

“I think it may be a symptom of a bigger problem on our roads.”



Mr Derby said that the UK sees its road as “dystopian” and “unhappy”.

“We all picture UK roads as this almost dystopian, unhappy and quite stressful place but what is quite alarming with this research is that it has shown in the last year half of us have claimed to be a victim of verbal abuse,” he said.

“An astonishing 10% of us claim to have been in a physical altercation as a result of road rage.”



He added that he felt the situation had become “unmanageable”.

“If you look at the 10% who claim to have been in a physical altercation last year, there are very serious legal consequences to that action,” he said.

“As well as very serious physical consequences. If something is driving you to the point of getting out your car when the red mist descends and actually confronting someone in the street, I think things have got to a point that is unmanageable. We all need to be a little bit calmer.”