Thomas Mair found guilty of the murder of Jo Cox

Thomas Mair found guilty of the murder of Jo Cox

Jo Cox

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thomas Mair has jailed for life after being convicted of the murder of Jo Cox. 

Mair gunned down the Labour MP and stabbed her 15 times while shouting "Britain first". The jury deliberated for 90 minutes to convict the 53-year-old of what was described as "an act of sheer brutality and cowardice".

He attacked Mrs. Cox, a mother of two and Remain campaigner, as she arrived for a constituency surgery in Birstall one week before the EU referendum.

Mair, described as a white supremacist and Neo-Nazi, gave no evidence in his defence and no reaction as he was convicted on all charges.

During the trial, the court heard how the MP for Batley and Spen tried to protect others by urging them to run as she lay mortally wounded in the street.

Her constituency caseworker Sandra Major described the MP's response as she came under attack from Mair in an account which reduced her family to tears. 

She told jurors: "He was making motions towards us with the knife and Jo was lying in the road and she shouted out 'get away, get away you two. Let him hurt me. Don't let him hurt you'."

Despite being too hurt to move away, Mrs Cox managed to block the initial attack as she shielded her head with her hands. Mair left to reload his weapon before returning to continue the attack. 

Pensioner Bernard Kenny was stabbed as he tried to stop the attack by jumping on Mair's shoulders from behind.

The 78-year old said in court: "Just as I got short of him he turned around and saw me. He shoved the knife in and it hit me in the stomach.

"The blood started pouring out between my fingers. I saw the blood and I thought 'Oh my God'."

The attack was captured on CCTV with a total of 16 witnesses, all of whom gave evidence at the Old Bailey. It later emerged during the trial that Mair had also researched another Remain MP based in Yorkshire as a potential target - former foreign secretary William Hague.

The MP's family sat in silence as the verdicts were delivered, and Thomas Mair has been handed a life sentence over the killing.

In sentencing remarks, Mr Justice Wilkie told him that he "was no patriot" for maintaining far right, anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi political views.

He said: "Our parents' generation made huge sacrifices to defeat those ideas and values in the Second World War.

"What you did, and your admiration for those views which informed your crime, betrays the sacrifices of that generation.

 "By your actions you have betrayed the quintessence of our country, its adherence to parliamentary democracy."