Thought Donald Trump Jr's refugee skittle remarks were bad? Check out his views on boobs, pregnancy and gas chambers

Donald Trump Jr. likens Syrian refugees to poisoned skittles...and more controversial quotes

Donald Trump Jr. and his father Donald Trump (Getty)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Donald Trump Jr. has managed to do what many people thought was an impossible task - make his father look reasonable.

Trump Jr's comments on refugees and skittles were so offensive that they made even his billionaire father look moderate by comparison. The comments met with an immediate, and predictable, response when they were broadcast on Twitter.

Yet this isn't the first time mini-Trump has been in trouble over the stuff that's poured forth from his mouth or tweeting fingers. And remarkably it might not even be the worst thing he's said.

In October 2011, for example, he tweeted: "if ur a boob guy this whole lactation thing is amazing the sports bra the wife is wearing is losing the containment battle!!"

There are any number of things wrong with this tweet, not least the appalling grammar. Perhaps the most shocking thing is that someone was stupid enough to marry this guy in the first place.

Yet the boob comments are merely part of a trend. Trump Jr was also responsible for this charming message (we particularly love the choice of collective noun here):

When he's not tweeting about women and their chests, Trump loves nothing more than going to war with Hillary Clinton - using the sort of language that probably doesn't endear him to the Jewish voters his father is doing so much to cultivate.

Last week, Trump Jr said that, if the Republicans had adopted the sort of tactics used by Hillary Clinton's team, "they'd be warming up the gas chamber now." Whoever "they" are, we think they probably wouldn't be.

But Trump Jr doesn't discriminate when it comes to referencing horrific totalitarian regimes. As well as alluding to Nazi Germany, he's happy to raise the spectre of Soviet Russia to ram home one of his subtle political messages.

Schools, for example, are "like Soviet-era department stores that are run for the benefit of the clerks and not the customers." One presumes Trump Jr isn't referring to the private school he himself attended - and which moulded him into the rounded, thoughtful individual he is today.

Still, that education certainly left him a humble, grounded guy. Whatever else you say about him, Trump 2 has never lost touch with his roots, as the following tweet demonstrates:


We're sure the greenkeeper was happy to oblige. 

Now it seems other people are belatedly waking up to the sagacity of Trump Jr's remarks. Even Barack Obama has started to weave his wisdom into presidential speeches.

As the Presidential campaign continues, we only hope Trump Jr continues to speak out on the issues that matter. We imagine Hillary Clinton does too.